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As agile, balanced and poised as modern motorcycles have become, they can be dangerous if not ridden with respect and hence ownership requires more responsibility. Whether you have returned to motorcycling after several years, have recently started motorcycling or would like to improve your motorcycling skills, Max will be able to accommodate your needs. He has over 30 years’ riding experience as a daily commuter, as well as having raced on the main circuit and also partakes in adventure riding activities. Max regularly assists with on-track riding schools and has been providing personalised rider training for 18 years.

Trainees must have a valid motorcycle learners or drivers license, a suitable motrcycle and the appropriate riding gear.

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The rate for one-on-one sessions is R200-00 per hour, group rates can be negotiated

For bookings / Enquiries please contact
E-mail Max OR Call 084 800-9292