Training Course Overview
Rider training is based on real-world situations and conditions, such as traffic congestion, adverse weather conditions, mountain passes and varying road surfaces. Training provided is flexible and tailored to individual needs. Additionally the training will provide all the technical skills required to perform the K53 drivers test.
The training includes but not limited to the following basics:
  • Understand and use motorcycle controls
  • Basic motorcycle maintenance
  • Slow speed control
  • Basic gearing
  • Braking techniques
  • Emergency braking
  • Cornering techniques
  • Survival on the road
  • Maneuvering a non-running motorcycle
  • Recovering a dropped bike
  • Level-1 Off road training:
  • Riding position and techniques
  • Learning to lift, balance and manoeuvre a motorcycle in awkward situations
  • Maneuvering the motorcycle at slow speeds and clutch control exercises
  • Momentum exercises
  • Improved braking ability, emergency braking
  • Ascending and descending inclines safely and confidently
  • Turning and cornering techniques

  • For bookings / Enquiries please contact
    E-mail Max OR Call 084 800-9292